kalo jawab prtanyaan cmn buat koleksi poin percuma bro, kita disini sungguh2, butuh bantuan dan mau membantu, kasi peluang dong buat yg sungguh2 jangan main2, kasian yg bnr2 butuh, think again , be smart -jgn marah ane cuma ingetin
aku setuju yeah
Eric : What do you think we should give Erika as her birthday present?
Rizky : A doll, I think
Dwiky : Are you sure?
Rizky : Yes, certainly. As far as I know, she likes doll.
Eric : Well, it is possible I suppose, but I doubt it
Rizky : So, what do you think Feby?
Feby : Why don’t we buy her a wristwatch?
Eric : I don’t think so. It’s too expensive.
Dwiky : You are right, but we can collect the money.
Feby : Still, I doubt it. I’m broke now. I don’t think I can get enough moneywithin this week.
Rizky : Well, doubt isn’t going to do anything. I can lend you the money if you want.
 Feby : Really?
 Rizky : Certainly.
Feby, Dwiky, Eric : Thank you very much.
 Rizky : Don’t mention it - segini aja ye, smga mmbntu
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