A: Good evening mom..
B: Good evening to, what are you doing now? 
A: I am doing my homework now, mom..
B: Okay, do your homework with carefully.. 
A: Yes mom, i would.
B: My daughter, can you help me tomorrow?
A: Of course mom..
B: Help me to clean the kitchen..
A: Okay mom..
B: Thank you darling, i would appreciate it..
A: Mom, i want to sleep now.. 
B: Okay, have a nice dream darling..

sori ya utk B yg ke-2 harusnya ga pake with. jd yg benar okay, do your homework carefully. dan jawabannya bukan i would tp i will
oia satu lg utk B yg ke-1 seharusnya good evening too. huruf O nya ada 2