A = Hi! I don't think I've seen you around here before, did you just move in?
B = Ah, yes. I just moved in with my family yesterday.
A = Oh, I see... My name is A. What's yours?
B = Mine is B
A = Do you have any nickname?
B = My old friends used to call me -...-
A = Where is your house by the way?
B = It's right around the corner over there.
A = Really? We're close neighbor then! How old are you again?
B = I'm -...- years old
A = Hmmm... We're also a same-age friends! Can I know your hobbies as well?
B = Sure you can! It's -...-
A = Woah... We sure have a lot of similarities! Any favorite food?
B = I really love -...-!
A = Seriously, we're like twins! Hey, want to play in my house for awhile?
B = May I?
A = Of course! C'mon! I want to introduce you to my family!