A : can i ask something?
B : sure,what?
A : what is your favorite food and drink?
B : i like lasagna and ice tea
A : okay
B : how about you?
A : i like pizza and mineral water
B : okay, i have to go,bye!
A : bye!
5 3 5
A : Here is your favorite lemon tea, B!
B : Oh, thank you! What did you get for yourself by the way?
A : Of course I got my favorite mango juice!
B : Well, because today's my borthday, I'll treat us today! Choose your favorite menus, A!
A : Really?! I want to order some crabs then!
B : I want to buy you that, seriously. But my wallet says no.
A : Well, who needs crabs, anyways, some deep-fried chicken will always be the best for me!
B : You and your chicken never get separate, huh?
A : Like you ever give up on your fried rice!
B : Okay, you win. I want to order my fried rice too!
8 3 8