To give and ask opinions,we cans use several expressions. ask edo's opinion,in picture 5 beni says.
"what do you think of...? ask dayu's opinion,in picture 6 lina says.
"......." ask edo's opinion,in picture 7 udin says.
"......." ask Mrs.ina's opinion,in picture 8 Mr. adnan says.
to show our appreciation to others,we can use several expressions. show edo's appreciaton,in picture 5 he says.
"it is very beautiful". show dayu's appreciation,in picture 6 she says.
"......" show edo's appreciaton,in picture 7 he says.
"......." show Mrs.ina's appreciaton,in picture 8 she says.



2. is that how you say it ?
3. what do you think ? is english easy or difficult?
4. Dont you think so ?

2. It's nice
3. I Think it's easy
4. He is diligent and smart too
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