-ini pilihan ganda-2) Andi : Please take out the trash bowo : ____________________a) I'dont want to c) I put it hereb) That's wrong d) Alright

3) Tuti : Please put the dishes a way Tutut : _________ Im Cleaning up the floor.a) finally c) Let me seeb) Not at the moment d)you are right

4) Zulaikha : Turn off the lights,please Michell : _______a) ok c) I'm not sureb) Really d) you are right

5) Rehan : May I help you carre those boxes? Ivan : _______ I can do it myselfa) yes b) sure c) of course d) please don't bother

6) Made : I think Mario is the nicest student in cour class what do you think? putu : ___________ he is always help Fula) I don't think so c) Impossibleb) I don't agree d) I think so, too

7) Sugeng : Congratulations on your sucess Irfan : ___________a) Thanks b) Good Job c) You are nice d) Well done

8) Sundari : Ma'am would you like to come to our forewell party Mrs.Tumijo : ____________ I have to go to Bali for meetinga) of course c) That's a good ideab) I'm sorry , Icon't d) That would be great

9) Atun : Did you take my sharpenor? Poter : ____________ i am using minea). yes, i did c) let me seeb) No, Ididn't d) you are right

10) Rita : Can you get me some drink? Puput : _________________a) No problem c) I'll make sure b) you could, too d) be ,my guest