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Assalamu’alaikum Alia,
It was
very interesting to read your letter about yourself and your hometown.
I would really like to be your pen friend.
I’m a sixteen-year-old
school student from Johor Bahru in Malaysia.
Actually I
an Islamic boarding school just outside the city but my family
live in Kuala Lumpur. My eldest sister is a medical doctor. She will get married
soon. My younger brother is an elementary school student in KL but he often
writes to me via email.
My favorit
e subjects are social sciences. I like history very much; it helps
me know more how different countries existed in the past. At school we are
supposed to use English at all times, even when we are in the dormitory, so we
have become quite fluent although sometimes we slip back into Malay, which is
mother tongue.
As for hobbies
I’m really into
songs and music. My favorite singer is Yusuf
Islam whose former name was Cat Steven.
He’s so cool! Another singer I like is
Maher Zain with his religious songs. My favorite Malay singer is of course Siti
Nurhaliza. I also like watching movies, especially comedies. The actor I like best
is Tom Cruise.
I’m really
books. I like reading novels and short stories, mostly by
Malay authors who you probably haven’t heard of. I like some writers in English,
like JK Rowling and Indonesian writers too, like Andrea Hirata and Ahmad Fuadi.
My dream, when I’m older, is to be a writer of science fiction books set in the
I’d really love to come to Indonesia s
ome day. I heard that it has the largest
number of Muslims of any country. A book that I’ve just read mentions that
there are some
places to visit, such as, Bali, Sulawesi,
Papua and Borneo! What about you, do you want to visit
my country? Wassalam, Saida



Dear, Saida
Actually, I'm not intersted to be your friend. 'Cause I doesn't really like a pal friend.

sorry and thanks for your letter

Good bye..

                                                                                  Your ex-pal friend

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