A       : Hi guys. . .
B       : Hi!
A       : How are you?
B       : Excellent, and you?
A       : Fine, thanks.
B       : What are you doing here?
A       : Oh, I’m reading a book.
B       : What book is it?
A       : It’s Biology book…about plants and animals
.B       : Really?? Where did you buy it?
A       : I bought it in Gramedia book store.
B       : Mmm…Can you tell me,how much is it?
A       : It’s Rp. 60.000,00.
B       : When did you buy it?
A       : I bought it about a month ago. Do you have an interest in it?
B       : Oh, yes! I need that book for doing a task from my teacher.
A       : What task is it?
B       : Summery of  the plant’s classification 
A       : Oh, I see
B       : Yes, I’ll buy it. Ok, thanks for your information. I’ve got to go now. See you. 
A      : Oke.
Mia : You look fresher after coming back from holiday.
Jack : Do I? Well you’re right about taking a holiday. It’s exhilarating and relaxing.
Mia : so, what was the most unforgettable moment you had during the holiday?
Jack : When I did white water sport. It was frightening, but exciting as well.
Mia : Really? That sport really pumps our adrenalin.
Jack : You’re right.
In the dialog, the girl says. “You look fresher after coming back from holiday.” The sentence is used to show the girl’s attention to the boy who look fresher. Meanwhile, her sentence “Really? That sport really pumps our adrenalin.” Expresses her attention to the boy’s story that he did white water sport.
Here are some expression to show our attention to other people.