Giant lizards
Do you know what that Komodo dragons are the largest lizards ? . He lives in bushes and forests of Indonesian islands some of his . Komodo dragons are the world's heaviest lizard , weighing 152 pounds or more . The largest Komodo ever measured more than 10 feet 3 meters and weighing 166 kg but the average size of komodo in the wild about 8 feet 2.5 meters long and 91 kg Komodo has gray scaly skin , a pointed snout , powerful limbs and a very strong muscular tail . They use their keen sense of smell to locate decaying animal remains from several miles away . They also hunt other lizards as well as large mammals and are sometimes cannibalistic . Dragons teeth are almost completely covered by its gums are great . When it feeds , the gums bleed , creating an ideal culture for the virulent bacteria . Bacteria that live in the Komodo dragon saliva causes septicemia , or blood poisoning to humans , the victims . A dragon will bite its prey , then follow until the animal is too weak to continue . This lizard species is threatened by hunting , loss of prey species and habitat loss . dragons are animals in Indonesia in Sumatra . one is a miracle in Indonesia . we should be proud of our country Indonesia .

yang ini susah ga?
kalau masih susah gimana kalau yg ini
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