Anita:"Dimas,can you take the broom for me,please"
Dimas  :"Pardon me,please repeat your questions"
Anita:"ok,can you take the broom for me,please"
Dimas  :"oh,,oke I can"
Anita:"thanks Dimas"
Dimas:"No problem nita"
Suci:Dina,I invite you to come to my house this afternoo"
Dina:"What did program in your house?"
Suci:"My birthday party"
Dina:"Ok,I will come,ci"
Suci:"Are you sure?"
Dina:"I am sure that"
Suci:"thanks :)"
Dina:"no problem :)" 

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Repetition: A: i will go to Bandung. Can you accompany me? B : sorry , i can't. Im busy A: what did you say? B: i said, sorry ,.i can't. Im busy A: thank you Certainty : A: people say, our headmaster is new B: what is his name? A: his name is Mr. Surya B: are you certain about it? A: yes of course Maaf kalo salah
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