1.Simple Present Tense
contoh: She is Beautiful

2.Present Continous Tense
He Cooking in the Kitchen

3.Present Perfect Tense
they have met

4.Present Perfect Continous Tense
They have been playing basketball

5.Simple Past Tense
They were Student last year

6.Past Continous Tense
We were riding

7.Past Perfect Tense
I had studying when you come

8.Past Perfect Continous Tense
He had been sleeping when they go to school

9.Simple Future Tense
I will training hard tomorrow

10.Future Perfect Tense
They will be hungry when I come late

Simple present tense : i go to school everyday
presebt continuous tense: she is being polite to me
present perfect tense : she has written a letter for her mother
present perfect continuous tense : she has been teaching english since 2003
simple past tense : khanza fed her pets
past continuous tense : felita is being friendly to me
past perfect tense : when he had finished his dinner, he asked for the dessert
past perfect continuous tense : when i came to jakarta in 2013, she had been working there for 2 years
simple future tense : i will go to bali next holliday
future continuous tense : we shall be preparing everythinv for the meeting.