1: hallo 2: hallo what is your name?? 1: my name ina. What is your name?? 2: my name putri. What do you live 1: i live ( alamatnya)
Ana: hi, good morning
berlin: morning, by the way, who are you?
ana: i want to introduce my self and my friend to you.
berlin: ok
ana: I'm ana from junior high school three jakarta, i'm in ninth grade, and this is my friend cece.
cece: hi, i'm cece from junior high school tree too, but i'm in seventh grade.
berlin: interest to know you, i'm berlin from junior high school two and i'm in seventh grade like cece.
berlin's dad: berlin, let's go to home now. ohh, are you get a new friend here?
berlin: yes dad, this is cece and ana. ana, cece, this is my father.
berlin's dad: hi all, i'm mr.robinson. i live in apple street near the book store, you two can come to my house anytime, but i and berlin must go now, see you next time ana, cece.
ana, cece: see you too mr.robinson, see you too berlin