A: Good morning, can I help you?
B: I'd like to make a complaint about my holiday in Hawaii last week.
A: I'm sorry to hear that. What exactly was the problem?
B: First of all the bus taking us to the hotel broke down and we had to wait for over two hours in the sweltering heat before a replacement arrived. Then when we got to the hotel we found our room hadn't been cleaned.
A: Oh dear, did you complain to the hotel staff?
B: Of course, but we were told all the chamber maids were off duty. Anyway, that's not all. The people in the room above sounded like they were having all-night parties, every night. I demanded another room but the receptionist told me the hotel was full.
A: Oh, I see.
B: And to cap it all the food in the hotel restaurant was awful. It was so bad we had to eat out all the time despite having paid for meals in the price of our holiday.
A: I do apologize. I'd like to offer you a 20% discount on the price of one of our Autumn breaks as a gesture of goodwill.
B: 20% discount, you must be joking. I want to see the manager.
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