Andre : Hi, Jen. I was told that I'd fine you here. I want to talk with you.
Jeni : I'm sorry Ndre, I can't, Im verry busy and I have many activity today, I dont have a time to talk about anyway.
 Andre : But I want to apologiezwith you, please forgive me, I know you think I'm a looser man, but I promise to change my attitude.
 Jeni : You said it too yesterday. Andre : Please Jeni, I swear this time, belive with me!
Jeni : Sorry I have many activity today, I have to go, bye!

Bernard : Hi...Bear...How was your day?
Bear : Hi, Bear, it was totally bad, i don't know but i leave my homework on the table last night, and last morning it was lost, i don't know where was it?
Bernard : Does it looks like a white paper with  a green chalk on it?
Bear : Ya, how do you know?
Bernard :Actually, i found it, but before i give it to you, i went to the library, and left it, i'm truly sorry for it....
Bear : O, it's ok, Bernard.. We will find it. Ok, lt's go  to the library!
Bernard : That's very kind of you, Bear. Ok, let's find it.