Read teenage problem texts, write your advice

My family don't get along. it's like we all hate each other. it's my mom, my brothers, a sister, and i. i am the oldest. we all have certain problems: my mom wants to quit smoking so she is really stressed out. i am really selfish - i just can't help it. one of my brothers is too bossy. he thinks he is better than rest of us, and that he is the only one who helps my mom. my other brother is kind of abusive and depressed. he always starts fights and he's really spoiled. my mom doesn't yell at him for doing things wrong and when she does, he laughs at her. my sister - who's 7 - makes messes and doesn't clean them up. i really want to help because i don't like being upset all of the time and having everyone hate everyone else. even when we star to get along, someone will say something to upset someone else. please help me and my family.



Maybe your mom should come to a doctor and consult with him. maybe you should fix your behaving ( no offense ). your brother should fix his behaving and should realize that he is not better than the rest of you all. your other brother should respect your mother and fix his behaving ( also ). maybe your youngest sister should learn that if she starts something she should finish it too of course.