Erlin: have yor received your paper, noval?
noval: yes , I have. Ten minutes ago.
erlin: what did you score did you get?
noval: I got 98!
erlin: wow, that's excellent!
noval: thank you.
erlin: you must have worked hard to do the paper.
noval: Yeah! I have read many reference books to complete it.
erlin: Now, it's all worth it,isn't it?
noval: it is.

1. erlin asks noval about....
2. noval received his paper..... ago
3. noval is suprised because....
4.erlin says " ........" to praise noval's work.
5. to complete his paper, Noval read.....

ada yg bisa jwb??
itu udah dijawab


1. erlin asks noval about have noval received his paper.
2. ten minutes ago
3. because he got 98 score.
4. "wow,thats excellent"
5. he have read many reference books.
1 1 1
1.  The Noval's paper and it's score
2. Ten
3. He got good score.
4. "wow, that's excellent"
5. many reference books to complete it.