A Mobile phone plays a significant role; it affects all medical and social aspects of our daily life from both negative and positive sides. Do its disadvantages outweigh the advantages?
It is evident that the use of mobile phones brings us many problems as well as benefits, and thus there is an opinion that the demerits brought by a mobile phone prevail over the merits. Personally, I disagree with this view. On the one hand, a mobile phone poses some negative effects for its user in several aspects. The first impact is in medical terms. It is inevitable that a mobile phone would create a certain level of radiation while being used .Much scientific research has pointed out that such amount of radiation would potentially lead to serious diseases, such as cancer and tumor. Thus a long-time use of mobile phones might harm one’s health. Another problem often observed is how the inappropriate use of a mobile phone interferes with people’s activities. For example, during an important conference, calling or receiving mobile phones would distract audience attention and impair the quality of the conference. On the other hand, a mobile phone can bring about more benefits. The principle benefit is how a mobile phone increases the possibility and improves the quality of our contact. Nowadays, we can make a phone call with our friends almost anywhere, such as in the subway, the countryside or even another country. Likewise, we can also text messages with beautiful photos or even high-quality video clips to share the exciting moment of our life. Apart from that, a mobile phone has also become important entertainment equipment. By mobile, users can enjoy video games, listen to the music or even watch a movie smoothly. To conclude, it is inarguable that mobile phones are not perfect so far, but they can produce more valuable and beneficial influences. Thus, I am convinced that their advantages outweigh the disadvantages.