Teacher : attention class! next week we will have a talent show. what is your opinion about it?
Diva : i think a traditional dance will be good maam.
teacher : sure diva. good answer. anyone else has the ideas?
*aldo raise his hand
aldo : maybe we should sing an english song!
teacher : excellent idea! so, tomorrow, after the end of the school, you all should practice the traditional dance and practice singing too. Understood students?
Students : yes maam!
teacher : all right then! so see you all tomorrow at the end of the school students! don't forget it!
Students : yes maam.
itu ya. maaf kalau mungkin ada kesalahan hehe :):):)
A: Are you know what i say? 
B: Yeah i know

A: what do you think about my new pet?
B : Thats cute