A : hey, i made some cookies, do you want to try some?
B : your so kind! thanks
A : try some of this chocochips cookies!
B : hmmm! they are really nice!
A : are you sure.... you think it's not really nice right?
B : yes! i'm serious, the cookies are great!
A: i dont think so, do you try to be honest to me?
B : no! i surely like them!
A: oh thank you

but actually you didn't believe

maaf akalu salah
A : hi. What is that?
what do you mean?
B: it's cookie. Last night i try to make it by my self. Do you wanna try it? A : ouh it look nice. I wanna try it? Where do you learn it? B : from my sister. What do you think? Is it delicious? A : it's really delicious. I like it. B : really? I'm not sure. Are you lying? A : i'm sure. It's really delicious. Believe me. How about you teach me how to make ut? B : ok, i will believe you. We practice in my home , ok? A : it'snot a problem. Ok let's go B : ok let's go.. maaf kalau masih ada salah