Apakah kalimat ini sudah benar? Kalau belum, berikan perbaikannya :
1. To gain more achievements which very usefull to sign up for a good university easier.
2. I'll work hard to improve my english skill, practice hard, respect the other and be active at this organization.
3. English is really important these day
4. My parents knows that english is so important. They will support me for any activity which can improve my english skill.
5. We also can learning organization staff because this organization also requires teamwork, respect, and the other thing we can use in our future.
Mohon bantuannya.. terimakasih banyak ^^



Menurut saya sih,itu udah bener..
Itu ada yg salah
seharusnya nomor 4 itu : "my parents know" dan nomor 5 itu"we can also learn about"