Contoh :
hello,my name is ardel (ganti namamu sendiri)
i'm thirteen years old (ganti umur sendiri)
i born at jakarta,May thirty first two thousan and one (ganti kota,tanggal,bulan,tahun lahirmu)
i'm a Muslim (ganti agamamu sendiri)
i lived at (tempat tinggalmu)
My hobby is (hobimu sendiri)
A : "Hey. Seems you're new student here. I am Rick. You are?"
B: " You can call me Daisy. Glad to meet you, Rick."
A:"Glad to meet you too. Are you from this town?"
B:" Nope. I come from the downtown country. It's a far away island."
A:"Wow. Really? What about your previous school?"
B:"It was around here. I just moved here because people say this school is just the best."
A:"Well, I guess so. Anyway, i was born on 1997. I am 97 liner. 17 years old this year."
B:" Yep, we're at the same age. We can be friends."
A:"Of course. Let's be friends."