Please buatin 10 kata command sama
request besok dikumpulin contoh nya:

this class is hot
switch on the fan please!
this class is hot
can you switch on the fan please
response: ok

banyakkkk gaaaan
ya elah please apa besok dikumpulin


Jawaban paling cerdas!
Command =
1. My mother commanded me to help her
2. Be good to parents! 
3. Don’t forget your homework!
4. Don’t be lazy!
5. Try to do mathematics!
6.  Run quickly!
7. Be love to victim!
8. Go there!8
9. Do not try it at home!
10. Be a professional entrepreneur!
11. be an honest leader!

Request :
1.   Could you help me to turn on the lamp, please?
2.   Can you help me to open the window, please?
3.   Would you like to order meatball for me, please?
4.   Could you help me to repeat again the lesson yesterday, please?
5.   Would you like to accompany me at Rahma’s party tonight, please?
6.   Can you help me to shut down the computer, please?
7.   Can you help me to close the door, please?
8.   Would you like to read a story for my son, please?
9.   Could you help me to invite my mother to market, please?
10. Can you help me to give my little cat eat every morning, please?

responses = 
untuk response bisa membuat sesuai dengan kalimat command and request tsb..

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