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pairs, act out the following dialogue. Underline the expressions to advise and
circle the expressions to warn. Then, answer the questions !

is in Mrs. Dwi’s room. She is giving advice to Danu.

Dwi : Danu, Mrs. Etty told me that you
didn’t attend her lesson three times. Is that right ?

Danu : Yes, Ma’am.

Dwi : Why didn’t you study with her
properly ? she is a qualified teacher here. Many students like her very much
because she is also a patient teacher.

Danu : Actually I like her lessons. But the
way she explains is so fast than I cannot follow the lesson.

Dwi : You should ask her to explain
the lesson more slowly.

Danu :
But, I’m ashamed to tell her.

Mrs.Dwi : Alright, I’ll accompany you to talk to

Danu :
Thank you, Ma’am
Dwi : It’s alright. , But make sure to
made up for your lost time soon !

Danu : I
promise to study hard especially in her subject, Ma’am

Dwi : That’s my student.


1. Why
should Danu meet Mrs. Dwi in her room ?

2. What
does Mrs. Dwi say about Mrs. Etty ?

does Danu excuse for not attending Mrs. Etty’s class ?

4. What
does Mrs. Dwi suggest Danu to do ?

Does he can do Mrs. Dwi’s suggestion easily ?
Why ?



1. Because Danu didn't study properly.
2.She is a patient teacher. Everyone likes her.
3.Mrs. etty speaks to fast he can't study well.
4. Asks her to explain more slowly.
5. No because He is ashamed to tell her.
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2. mrs. dwi tells about mrs etty is a qualified teacher of the school. Many students like her very much because she is also a patient teacher.

3. because he complained how to teach mrs etty is so fast for him.

4.mrs dwi tells danu to should ask mrs etty to expalin the lesson more slowly

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