Bantuin dong!!?..
lina : you told me that you bought a new novel a week ago, didn't you ?
tono : yes i did. it was a very interesting science-fiction novel.
lina : have you finished reading?
tono : yes, i have. how about letting me lend it to you so you can see for yourself?
lina : ok, thank you. i'll come by your house something later
tono : why don't we go home together and you could come by my house and get it?
lina : i'm afraid i can't. i have an extracurricular activity after school.
tono : oh well. if you're too tired later and want to go straight home, why not let me bring it tomorrow?
lina : oh, that would be great. thanks.
tono : any time
1. what is the dialogue about ?
2. when did tony buy the novel ?
3. was it a good one ?
4. what did he suggest lina do ?
5. did lina accept the suggestion? why ?
6. what did tono suggest then ?
7. how did lina respond ?



1. lending novel
2. tono bought a new novel a week ago
3. yes (it was a very interesting)
4. tono suggest lina to go home together and lina could come by tono's house and get the novel
5. no, because lina have an extracurricular activity after school
6. tono suggest to bring the novel tomorrow
7. oh, that would be great, thanks

semoga betul :)
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