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Remedial Test
1. Lasmini and Mr. Mahendra are
2. The dialogue above happens at afternoon
3. Lasmini is a student who is asking for Mr. Mahendra's help to teach her English, so that she can study in Sydney, Australia. Yes, she is a student
4. Lasmini is going to learn English
5. Yes, she does
6. Yes, he would
7. Yes, she will
8. Lasmini will study English to Mr. Mahendra from Tuesday to Friday
9. Lasmini will study English from three to five
10. Task, command

Dialogue 2 (halaman 16)
(6) What did you think of the movie
(7) I thought
(8) Why did you think
(9) You knew what would happen in the end
(10) we have different opinion about it

C. (hal. 16)
1. Theyre talking about the activity fishing
2. Yes, he does
3. Bayu thinks it is a boring activity
4. In Johan's opinion, Bayu thinjks fishing is boring because Bayu doesn't know the secret to enjoy fishing
5. By asking Johan to come fishing with him the next Sunday
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