A: hy, whats your name,?
b:hy.. my name is buba
a:nice to meet you..
b:nice to meet you too..
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Characters  : Siti, Edo, Joni, Lala

Siti: Hello!
Lala: Hi! Who are you?
Siti: My name is Siti nice to meet you!
Lala: Oh, you are my new classmate. My name is Lala nice to meet you too!
Edo: Ermm, Hey?
Siti&Lala: Hi!
Edo: First, let me introduce my self my name is Edo. Nice to meet you!
Joni: Hey Edo, wait for me!
Edo: Oh, its you Joni
Lala: Who is Joni?
Edo: Joni is my Bestfriend
Joni: Let me introduce my self to you all guys, My Name is Joni. Nice to meet you!
Siti&Lala: Nice to meet you too!
Joni: Hey guys, the bell is ringing lets go to our class
Siti,Lala,and Edo: Lets go!!
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