A :Anyone there ? Open the door,I want to enter in your home !
B :Oh yeah, Come in ! Why you come to my house ?
A :I want too tell you that there is a match tomorrow persegres versus arema ! whether you follow me ?
B :Ohh......Of couse I am follow because I want support persegres
A :Okay , Lets me invite to the field
B :okay lets go.
A :Hy my Friend ,Whether you want to see match persegres versus arema in gelora tri dharma ?
C :Of course , I will support arema because arema have alamsyah,best player and top score in indonesia super league. What about you D do you want to go, too
D : I am also see that match, but Iam like persegres than arema because persegres have a Gustavo chena and Gaston Gastanyo.
A : by the way in which the E
All : I do no
B : but I had seen at the time he buy the newspaper.
C : Maybe he buy of the sport newspaper
D :yeah Of couse, he is a fans of the sport newspaper
A :wait i am goto him house,follow me C
All :Okay, we will wait
A,C :E,e Anyone in this home ?
E :Yeah wait, Why you come to my house ?
C :Lets goto field we tell about match persegres with arema.
E : Okay,lets go.
B,D : hy E we were talking about match of persegres with arema.
C : are you want support ?what team will you support persegres or arema
E :I am not like both of them. But I like the Sriwijaya FC and Persipura because it in top board or top 5
All :oooooo............
C :but you more support persegres or arema ?
E :of course i am support arema than persegres because arema have a Roman Camello and Alamsyah.
D :Why you like Roman Camello and Alamsyah than Gaston Gastanyo and Gustavo chena,whereas I think gaston and gustavo better game than the alamsyah and roman camello
E : so what the problem for you ? up to me. Because alamsyah and roman camello best players in the indonesia super league.By the way why you tell about match of persegres with arema whereas the match be delayed.
All :What ! Really ?
A : but I see advertisement of this match in TV,Where do you know E ?
E : I read in sport newspaper new edision at morning.
C : I do not believe. E you don’t lie.
E : You not believe okay i will bring the sport newpaper...
wait......hmmmmmmmm this is READ the newspaper if you not believe.
C :It’s true, I am sorry am wrong and A are you lie for me ?
A :NO, I am not lie.REALLY !
D : has-been not to fight in vain to no avail.
B : it’s True D.hy A,C,E don’t to fight.
A,C,E :Okay
D : so you're not see the match.how that tomorrow lets go to my home, we played new game such as PES 2013
All :Okay

semoga bermanfa'at ^^
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