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silk was produced by the cocoon of silkworm.this worm produce cocoon which can be spoon to be a silk material.there's hundred kind of silkworm.but the best silkworm is from a berry plant, and has a name bobyx mori.

mature silkworm can spawn 500 eggs with the needle size.after 20 day the eggs become tiny little larva.this larva eat berry leave aggressively.after 18 days, the size up to 70 times, 4 times change the shell and the weight 10.000 times than before. when the color of the silkworm went to yellow, and more solid, that's the time the silkworm will covered itself with cocoon, or become cocoon.

it is the time to boiling the cocoon, to let the silkworm die.because if it not die, the silkworm will eat the cocoon, and it can not be used anymore.after the silkworm die, the fiber / string of the cocoon can be apart and become the soft silk strings. one cocoon of silkworm can produce 300 to 900 meters with 10 micrometer of the diameters. than we can spin / twist the strings.the processing is like the silkworm spin itself when it became the cocoon. that twisting process made a good quality / beautiful kind of silk. this beautiful material become textile product or other product after the detailed processing.