Asking = meminta tolong
Asking for recommendation = meminta saran/ rekomendasi
Giving recommendation = memberi saran/ rekomendasi
Offer recommendation = memberi saran/ rekomendasi

Perhatikan bahwa asking saja dengan asking for recommendation berbeda. Sedangkan, giving recommendation sama dengan offer recommendation.

- Could you please open the window?
- Can I borrow your pencil?
- Do you mind if I turn on the lamp?
- May I take the chair beside you?
- Can I have this drink?

Asking for recommendation
- What do you think I should do?
- What is your opinion about this problem?
- In your opinion, should I fire him or not?
- What should I do with the puppy?
- Can you give me some advice?

Giving/offer recommendation
- I think you'd better go to the doctor.
- I believe that you should take care of him.
- I recommend you to pick one of your best employees.
- I advise you to stop smoking.
- Do not believe him even for a minute!
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