Do not litter! Warning,Dangerous area! Beware of the dog! No entrance! No smoking! Keep off the grass! Keep silent! No food and drink in the laboratory! Help us reduce qeues,please wait in line! Dont touch,touching can harm the art! Wet paint! Slow,children playing! Keep out of reach of children! Do not inhale or swallow! Not suitable for children under 3 years! Shake it well before use! Dont be noisy! Dont cheat! Warning!Guard dogs!
1. don't park here
2. don't smoke in this area
3. don't stop
4. don't turn right
5. don't be noisy
6. Don't trow litter
7. Don't swim here
8.dont bring a pet
9. Dont pick a picture
10. dont bring any food
11. turn off your mobile phone
12. no entry
13. don't sit on this chair
14. don't feed the monkey
15. do not fight in the school
16. listen to me
17. do not play in class
18. Dont use T-shirt in school
19. Dont bring a toy in school
20. not speeding