This morning, there are two people in meeting room. They are talking.
Nisa : “Hi, good morning”
Andi : “Good morning, how are you today ?”
Nisa : “I’m fine. The air in this room will feel fresh, if you smoke here.”
Andi : “Of course, because smoking is very nice. If we smoke, we can fell
comfortable and quiet”
Nisa : “Sure, I agree with your opinion”
Andi : “Thanks”
Nisa : “But, I have some problems here”
Andi : “What ?”
Nisa : “Do you know, if I satirize you ?”
Andi : “Why ?, because I’m a smoker?”
Nisa : “Certainly. Do you know, if smoking is harmful for everybody ?”
Andi : “Of course not”
Nisa : “Cigarettes contain many harmful chemical substances, for example :
nicotine, tar, Carbon monoxide, a chemical substance that can cause
cancer, etc”
Andi : “What are the impacts of smoking ?”
Nisa : “The impacts of smoking are lung cancer, heart decease, emphysema,
bronchitis, etc”
Andi : “It means that my lungs are already ruined ?”
Nisa : “Yes, of course. In addition, cigarette smoke is dangerous for passive
smokers, like me”
Andi : “I’m sorry. i don’t know, if smoking is harmful.”
Nisa : “Okey, no problem”

-certainly with un-