A : Riri where have you been ??
B : i am from a book store, mom.
A : oh..
B : is there anything i can help ?
A : mm.. please deliver this cake to aunt Fanny
B : ok, mom..

on arrival in aunt fanny's house

A : tok tok tok...aunt fanny..
C : yeah wait a minute.. Riri, what's up ?
A : i want to give this cake.. from my mom.
C : oh thank you.. please,come in..
A : thank you,
C : are you hungry ?
A : no,i am not.
C : are you thirsty ?
A : yes, i am
C : would you like a lemonade ?
A : yes, please.
C : ok wait a minute

C : here's your lemonade.
A : thank you,,