Sarah : hey, Abigail. Have you heard the songs in Taylor's new album - 1989?
Abigail : yes, I have
Sarah : well, what do you think about it?
Abigail : personally, I like the songs in her new album more than the songs in her previous albums. But i think there are too many sound effects added in there. So, all in all I'm going to rate the album 8/10. What about you?
Sarah : I think Taylor should just stick with her old genre - country - than pop. She has the country type of voice and she's a really great country musician. Still don't know why she's now into pop music
Abigail : well, people change. And anyway, Taylor wanted to try something different. Sometimes, a change is good. And I think Taylor made a right decision. After all, people have different opinions, right?
Sarah : yeah, you're right. Thank you for answering my question!
Abigail : sure!