A: Hi. Do you still love me?
B: No, i do not. Sorry.
A: No problem
A and B are in the A's home
A:hello..!how are you?
B:hi..!I'm fine thanks,and you?
A:Not bad,thanks.Oh,i remember do you want to go with me,to the grandpuri waterpark?
B:Oh,where is it?
A:It is on the Gabusan,Bantul,Yogyakarta.
B:okay :)
                   In waterpark
A:what is your opinion about grandpuri waterpark?
B:i think it's very nice,interseting,and large
A:why interesting?
B:Because the water game is very many
A:yes,me too..
itu yang asking and giving opinion paragraf ke dua setelah "in the waterpark."