A:hy, how are you?
b:i am fine. and you?
a:i am fine to. how about your holiday?
b:its so fun! i am going to the beach with my friend and then we are swimming and    play volly ball
a:waw, i think its very fun. i hope i can be there with you
b:oh,dont worry! lets go to the class!

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Anne : Hello, Andie!
Andie : Oh, Hello, Anne! What are you doing here?
Anne : I am looking for black dress. Do you know where are they?
Andie : I know. You just walk straight and go left if you already look the white dresses.
Anne : Hmm.. I'm confused. Can we walk together?
Andie : Sure! Accidentally, i'm looking for the pink dress. Let's go there together.

Sorry if there any wrong grammars