As we know, most cat look so cute, so does my cat. my cat's name is Cuty, I named Cuty because she looks so cute and make me always want to hug her. do you want to know about my cat?
my Cuty has white and orange fur, it is so soft. and make me always want to stroke it. she has blue eyes. her tail is long. and she also has sharp tooth and of course scary me. the whiskers in her mouth make her is funny.
but, although she looks very cute and funny, when she was angry or catch her prey like a mouse, she is very scary me. her paws is look so sharp and long. her sound also change like tiger sound. I never approach her when she is angry.
but when my Cuty back as usual, I approach her again and play her ear, her whiskers, her tail and she looks very enjoy it. I love my cat so much