A:Hi! What do you think about Indonesian foods?
Aduh bentar blm selesai ~_~
A:what do you think about indonesian foods?
B:its pretty good. I once tried rendang(misalnya), its spicy, but tasty.
A:how about mpek2? I heard it through google.
B:its a food made from fish. Indonesians often add sour and spicy liquid to make it more tasty and spicy.
A:wow, looks like you know and liked indonesian foods very much! Thanks for your information!
B:your pleasure.


Waiter : can i take your order please
costumer : i would one rice
waiter : what do you want to drink with your rice ?
costumer : i want a glass tea
waiter : would you like anything else ?
costumer : i;d like the bill please ?
waiter : here you are