Example dialog Expressing Satisfaction :
    Agnes   :   How’s your vacation in Bali ?    Made    :   It was  terrific! The beaches are beautiful and the sun set from Tanah Lot is                  satisfying.   Agnes : Really? What else did you do there?   Made   : Oh, I went parasailing! It was the most breath-taking thing that I’ve ever done.   Agnes : Wow, it must be a very fun trip for you.   Made   : Yes,I’m very satisfied with my vacation there. You must go there.   Agnes : Yes, I think I’ll do that.
Example dialog Expressing Dissatisfaction :   Basten    : Retno, I thought you were on vacation.   Rio          : Well, I got back early.   Basten    : Why?   Rio          : Well,I didn’t really enjoy being there.   Basten    : What happened?   Rio          : Well, the beach was very dirty, and when I got there it was raining                     heavily.What made it worse was the hotel where I stayed had a bad service.   Basten    : You seem to be unhappy with your vacation.   Rio          : Yes, I’m quite displeased about it .