Mom: my daugther, are you will help your mother to cook or watching movies with your classmate?
A: of course, i choose to help mother cook for dinner
mom: thanks my daughter, but that's okay if you not watching movies with your classmate?
A: it's okay mom, i can watching movies with my friends anytime.
mom: okay, you're really is my daughter.. i'm very love you..
A: i love you too, mom.
grammar nya salah :v sorry bkn mksd sok pnter tp itu ada beberapa yang slah :)
iyaa,.. haha.. gpp.. memang banyak yang salah
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Mom : *your name* *example* Nana!! come here ! i need to talk!
you   : yes mom, What is it?
mom : I know u will go watching movied with your classmate later but i need your help , i'm going to buy some eggs but i need someone to watch over my soup ! Will you help me??
you : Oh , sure why not?
mom : but..what about the movie??
you : Don't worry i'll just tell my classmates that i can't come and  beside,i have a lot freetime this week so i can go watching the movie whenever i want
mom : *your name**example* oh,nana....you're such a good daughter ,no.. the best daughter a mom coud have,Thank you so much,darling
you : it's okay mom :)

saya sendiri masih pemula di bahasa inggris n baru tau beberapa grammars,tenses,verbs,dsb jd maaf kalo ada grammar yang salah , Semoga Membantu :)
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