Andi: Why did the cat cross the road? Ayu : It was trying to get the chicken across the road. David: A dog was chasing him down the road, or there’s a puddle on its side of the road. Andi: No, the cat was just testing out if it ever got hit by a car, would it still have 8 lives left or not. Ayu: Okay, I think mine was better. David: Mine has got more, ha ha
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Lina : it's so hot today
Linda : yeah it is..
Lisa : Linda could you buy us some drink? It's so hot and it's felt as if im gonna melt!
Lina : Ah! I want some soda! Would you please go and buy some for me and Lisa,Linda?
Linda : sigh.. u two are hopeless .. No way go buy them yourselves!
Lisa : So cruel!
Lina : hey! Don't fight you guys! I'll buy them for us okay! so stop fighting geez what are you? A 5-years-old-kids?
Lisa & Linda : THANK YOU LINAA

smg mmbntu :)