Ati        :hi stev...what's wrong man?
steven   : ohh hi,nothing....
Ati        : Are you sure? you looks unwell...
Steven  : actually I just feel a bit dizzy...
Ati        : Ouw,I guest so...why you got dizzy?
Steven  : Nothing,it's about my Mathematic homework...
Ati        : Oh I see,here let me help you do it...
Steven  : really? thanks man...
Ati        : Not At all
why do you got dizzy, bkn why you got dizzy
sorry salah ketik tadi
knp? gara" pusing ya wkwkwk
A: where are you going?
B: I'm heading to the clinic
A: what's wrong?
B: nothing, it's just that I'm a bit dizzy, mind to give a hand?
A: sure, I'd love to