Sari: Hello, i want to ask something about our homework...
Vina: yes. what do you want to ask?
Sari: Do you agree if we do our homework in Yuli's house?
Vina: sorry, i dont agree.
Sari: why?
Vina: Because, Yuli's house is far from my house. How about if we do our homework in Welly's house? because her house isn't far from our house and Yuli's house.
Sari: Yeah, i agree
A: Hello, how are you today?
B: I am fine. how about the party tommorow ?
A: I agree if that party was given by any decoration like as balloon, tape, and others. are you agree for this too?
B: I am disagree this party with any decoration as a ballon, because that looked as a play ground party. can you give another idea about this party?
A: I will think another idea again, and i will tell you the idea tommorow
B: Okay, see you tommorow..