Expression agreement : ungkapan menyetujui tawaran orang
expression disagrement : ungkapan penolakan tawaran seseorang
yang diminta materinya bukan penjelasan dari itu
Allen: This food is little bit salty. It's not good for my father cos he has health problems for this several years.
Ben: So your father have hypertension? Well, salty food like this is totally forbidden to him.

Me: Mom I'd like to go fishing this morning with my friends. And we'll home after lunch. Can i take your car. Dad won't let me use his car.
Mom: Why don't you ride your motorcycle. If your dad didn't give u a permission to driving car. That's what I'm gonna do. I won't let u drive my car or anyone cars at all. You're still 16.
Me: but you allow me last week
Mom: Honey, NO! it was just 5 minutes driving and i was sit beside you.