Mrs. indah : everybody, may i have your attention please? / attention please!
students : yes, ma'am
mrs indah : what do you think if we go to science laboratorium. we will learn about part of flower. what do you think, lina
lina : yes, ma'am, i agree, because i love science and english very much
itu udh ada..apakah ada yg lain selain itu?
Jawaban paling cerdas!
A: Hai, how are you today?
B: Hai too, I'm fine, can you help me do this home work together?
A: Of course, i can.. but we must ask some question for teacher first.
B: Okay, i agree, i will ask teacher first. Excuse me sir, can i ask you some questions?
Teacher: Okay, that's no problem. what do you want to ask?
B: i want to ask that i can do this home work with my friend together?
Teacher: That is good, you can work together with your friend.
B: thank you sir..
Teacher: You're Welcome

kak saya mengucapkan terimakasih atas bantuanya
sama-sama dek.. :)
ka apakah ada lagi percakapan nya selain itu semua?
jawab ka