A:hey please come to my party
A:good morning
Sorry salah tunggu yaa bentar
a:hai good morning b:yaa haii a:i want to invite you to my party,please come to my party at o c'lock at my house ,please come and invite the other b:but i have any activity more a:but i need your coming b:sorry,or can you move the time? a:i think i can do it for you:) b:are u sure? a:yeah of course b;thank you very much my friend a"okeee,please come :)
Sorry kamu atur sendiri ya kalo ada yang salah hehe :)
iyaa... makasihh banyak ya
A: hello, can you come to my party today?
B:hello too, of course i can. can i invite my friends too?
A:okay, you can. what time you do that party?
B: Maybe, at 7pm.
A: thanks for want  come to my party, i will never forget that.
B: you're welcome, i'm be glad for come to your party
A: Thanks, you're really is my best friend, dont forget to invite your friend too..
B: Okay, don't worry..
A: see you... i will meet you again in the party
B: see you too..