A: Hi, what are you doing here?
B: Hi too, what a coincidence. i just hang around here, wasting my holiday. what about you? what are you doing here?
A:Same way to you. actually I want to visit art museum but i couldn't find it anywhere. do you have any idea?
B: Well, this is the second coincidence. I want to go there too, mate, this is interesting.
A:really, that's weird. i think we should ask someone.
B:That's a brilliant idea. i never thought of that before. Genious! Look, we better ask stranger right there.
A: Excuse me, sir. Do i bothered you?
Stranger: not at all kid, I'm to old for direction
A: Oh, it's okay, sir. thank you anyway.
B: Hey, I got a plan. We go separate ways. I go north and you go east, then we meet at the intersection right there. do you get what i'm talking about?
A: Absolutely. Let's Go!
Farel:pay my pen please.                                                                          jojob:oke farel i will give you 1 dollar for 4 pen