This was a great day for Baekhyun , at least he thought it was . He didn't have to wait for her in front of the school gate . He didn't have to take lunch for her and he didn't have to walk her to the bus stop after school anymore . In short , he didn't have to act like he cares and stick by her side . He gnt full freedom to hang around with his friends . Baekhyun has succeeded in kicking ______ out of his life . The day he's been waiting for has finally arrived . *my life is more beautiful without her*
Baekhyun entered the classroom . 'Baekhyun-ah , where's your little girlfriend ??' one of his classmates asked him . Baekhyun rolled his eyes in annoyance . *Girlfriend your head* .'i don't know .... And stop calling her my girlfriend because she's not .'

That classmate looked at Baekhyun weirdly , but he didn't bother to say any more . He probably just got into a fight with her .

Baekhyun looked at the empty seat beside him .*that geek is late again* the bell rang and _____ was nowhere to be found . The teacher arrived and the it has started 20 minutes already .
Baekhyun frowned as he looked at your seat *where on eath is she ?? That girl never skipped class*

2 classes have passed and his former best friend still didn't show up . Baekhyun kept telling himself that it was none of his business . He should be happy that he didn't see your boring face , but a little part of him was worrying about you but he just didn't admit it .

It was boring being with you .

But it was more boring without you .

And it was the most boring waiting for you .

'why do i keep thinking that little nothing ?? Did i unknowingly grew attach to her with all those years ??'
With a sigh of frustaration , Baekhyun pulled his phone out . But before he could dialed your number , he got a call from his mom , he frowned . Usually his mom wouldn't call him in this hour .



What people should do with this passage? Looks so purposeless. And u have made some mistaken when wrote teh words "you" and "her" of the sentences context..