A:  B, did you know anything about the coming outbound activity?
B: Yes, it will be held next month, preccisely on Sunday, March 10th
A: Who will participate in the event?
B: All members of the OSIS committee.
A: Are you sure? But I heard, at least two students from one class may join the event.
B: No, that's not right, It has been decided that this event only for the OSI committee.
A: I see

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Expression for asking opinion (meminta pendapat),expression for giving opinion (memberi pendapat),expression for declining opinion(menolak atau tidak menyetujui suatu pendapat). Misalnya :
A : "Do you know Rina?"
B : "Yes,i do"
A : "What do you think about her?"  (Expression for asking opinion)
B : "I think she is a beautifull,friendly,and smart girl (Expression for giving opinion). How about you?"
A : "mmm.. i'm sorry,i disagree with your opinion. I think she is an arrogant girl,because i never look her smile with her friends"

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