A; hai. im daniel,nice to meet you
B: hi, im luna, nice to meet you too daniel
A: i never see you before
B; im moved here yesterday
A: well then welcome in here. i hope you were happy in here
B: thanks. where do you school?
A: my school in junior high school number one, and you?
B: i moved to junior high school pratama. and now im grade 8
A: oh ok. see you after school. now. have to go home
B: yes sure see you tomorrow
A : Hello, what's your name?
B : My name is Brayn
A : What's your hobby?
B : My hobby is playing football
A : What's your Junior High School's name?
B : Smart Junior High School
A : Where do you live?
B : I live at Banana Street,USA
A : What's your favorite food?
B : Hotdog
A : And your favorite drink?
B : Orange Juice
A : Okay, thanks for your answer, see you
B : See you.. ^^
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