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Contoh introduction :

Good morning..
Now,i am standing here, i would like to introduce my self. My name is Indah Cornelia Sari, you can call me Indah. I lived in Joho village, RT 1 RW 4. I was born on june,2nd,1997. Now, i am 17th years old. My father name is Mr.Ismantu, He is a lawyer. My mother name is Mrs.Lili Emaningsih, she is a house wife. I study in SHS One Bawang,Banjarnegara. My hobbies are speech,story telling,dancing espesially traditional dance and singing. My favorite subject is English because English is very interesting,many knowladge,important and can use to communicate with someone. I want to be an English teacher. And i have a motto in my life, myu motto is "No effort and pray,so no neverthless". I think that's up for my introduction,thank you for your attention. See you..